You just got engaged and are basking in the glory and excitement of it all! Reading wedding magazines, telling all of your friends, checking wedding blogs, pinning some stellar photos to Pinterest, you’ve got it made!

Then, the reality sits in and the logistics begin to swirl around your head… budgets, timelines, setting a date… How do I find vendors? How do I know that they are any good? Do I really need that many printed items?? How many types of photographers are out there? Am I getting the most for my money? How do I pull off the event design that I want? WHAT AM I DOING?!

That’s where a wedding planner can swoop in and save the day, your sanity, and your wallet, while planning one of the most special events of your life!

Many people don’t realize the importance of having a planner early on in their planning process (and we’re not just saying this because it’s what we do best!), and sometimes find out later on down the road that they should have hired one right after saying ‘yes.’

A full-time wedding planner knows just the right vendors for your day and can save you quite a lot of time and stress so you don’t have to research a number of key players in each category (and yes, we’ve seen up to 40 different vendors for just one event!). We do the research for you, set up meetings and even attend in your place if needed, and help guide you along the entire way. Since a planner works so closely with you, they are able to provide suggestions to make your wedding uniquely personal and memorable, proactively provide suggestions and help communicate exactly what you envision to your vendors.

We also know how to save you from costly mistakes and able to negotiate on your behalf (oftentimes covering the cost of our services). We know how to give you the look and feel you crave, whether you have a budget or are budget-less!

At the end of the day, we are advisors, planners, coordinators, designers, supervisors, financial planners, mediators, and hopefully by the time your day arrives, your friend.
Take it from us, wedding planning can be time consuming and stressful at times if you don’t have the proper parameters in place, but we’re here to help! Go ahead, enjoy your engagement and every step along the way to your journey down the aisle – you deserve it!