With any outdoor wedding, you hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Our different weather apps were opened on a near hourly basis to track the weather a few days before and especially on the day of. With the radar pointing to clear skies up until the middle of the reception, we thought we were set… but then again, you plan for anything and everything because we all know that the weatherman isn’t always right.

After we sent our bride down the aisle – with 0% chance rain according to three weather apps – we started to feel sprinkles. Granted, sprinkles will not ruin an outdoor ceremony, but it can put a damper on the day. We ran and grabbed our army of white golf umbrellas and handed them to the wedding party and guests.

The point being here is that, regardless if it’s supposed to be a comfortable 75 degrees and sunny or a monsoon, planning is the key to an enjoyable experience. When having an outdoor wedding, you should always consider the following:

  • Tents: Have a tent with more than enough room for tables, a dance floor and food. When you plan for more room, you’re able to accommodate any type of weather conditions. Always make sure to have tent sides, gutters and other proper draining available… connecting tents to where the food is being prepped as well is also advised.
  • A Soundless Generator: They may have a heavy price tag, but is a small price to pay if a thunderstorm passes through or if you draw too much electricity from a location and wind up without electricity. Having that generator could mean having the time of your lives vs. canceling your reception… remember, food can’t be cooked without it, music can’t be projected, and it will help to ensure guest safety.
  • Lighting: We… love… lighting… and we mean with stage type lighting, not just candles. Because you’re creating a ‘venue’ outdoors, lighting is necessary to help set the mood and provide a safe space for all guests and vendors to move about freely.
  • An on-site tent attendant: This is SO important in case you need the tent sides to go up and to make sure that water is draining properly away from the tents (with the ability to fix the draining if it’s needed!). If you have one at your wedding but don’t wind up needing them, it’s better to have for peace of mind, rather than fretting if inclement weather occurs.

Because we have all of these parameters, and more, in place for an outdoor wedding, it will always be an amazing event. And even though it may be raining cats & dogs, the guests won’t even notice!

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