Designing someone’s wedding is something we get really excited about, especially when it comes to lighting! We always encourage our clients to consider lighting as a decorative element within their event; it sets the ambiance, enhances decor, and adds an extra layer of design to your overall event!

What can lighting do for your event? A lot. Lighting can add warmth to a space, add intimacy, and add vibrancy, depending upon how you use it. Candles are great for just about everything. And, when done en-mass, it creates an oh-so-glamorous focal point.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to totally transform a room, it’s the lighting the makes the difference. Splashes of color on the wall and how the lighting dances around the room bring a dynamic magic and intrigue to any event.

So instead of thinking of lighting as a secondary option, think of it as a necessary item for your decor!


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