The world of planning events can be a tricky one, especially with so many different vendor options and job titles to understand. We’re here to help guide and debunk a number of common misconceptions and take the guesswork out of planning! Below we’ve created a little cheat sheet to help get you started.


Wedding/Event Planner

A wedding and/or an event planner will become your best friend throughout the entire planning process. They are the professionals who stick with you from day one and customize a plan to make sure your event is pulled off without a hitch! They are your advocate when it comes to working with vendors, often times saving you money, with a the ability to negotiate deals and receive discounts that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get on your own. From budget planning, timeline development, vendor recommendations, countless meetings & coordination and every other step along the way, a planner will make sure that your event is exactly how you want it to be. At Simply Sunshine Events, we specialize in weddings and special events and as an Association of Bridal Consultants member and certified consultant, we can help guide you on everything pertaining to your celebration. After all, it’s our passion to help plan and event that may just be the most special one of your lifetime!


Event Designer

An event designer is crucial in bringing the creativity and design aspect to life throughout your entire event. They understand what it takes to dream up unique décor and how to make the look come alive whether you’re working within a budget or are budget-less! Event designers will know how to create special, one-off, unique pieces and generally have a strong background in the arts. They will also work closely with floral designers, linen companies, rental groups and so on, to ensure visual consistency, a beautiful look and feel, and to pull off the ‘look’ you want to achieve. Here at Simply Sunshine Events, we marry both event planning and event design together, to create a seamless and cohesive experience to tell your story, excite your guests and deliver a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.


Day-of Coordinator

A day-of coordinator helps with all of the day-of details for your event, relieving you from stress and lets you relax on the weeks and days leading up to your event. Little pre-planning, such as vendor and venue searches, is required. Your day-of coordinator will ensure that all of your contracts are upheld and will work with your vendors to confirm details, timelines and wrap-up any last-minute needs… and trust us, there are generally quite a few!


On the day-of your event, a day-of coordinator will take the reigns and work with everyone that you’ve hired from set-up to the end of the event, to ensure the day is just how you’ve imagined. Simply Sunshine Events offers this service separately or as part of full and partial planning packages.


Site Coordinator, Planner or Manager

Often times site event coordinators, planners or managers are commonly mistaken for dedicated event planners. Although they are your go-to person for the site in regards to venue logistics, they are more engrained in sales and work on behalf of the site. They may also provide a preferred vendor list, sometimes taking referral fees, something that most wedding/event planners will not do. Site coordinators will sometimes help order items needed on-site, however, they will not be able to help coordinate all of the event details, plan your budget or timeline, or design your event like a dedicated event planner/designer.

On the day-of your event, a site coordinator will generally also be available to ensure that venue rules & policies are upheld, help a vendor load-in/load-out if necessary, and to make sure their house staff is aligned with day-of details since the site planners are ultimately responsible for the venue and safety of the guests.


We hope these descriptions help in your planning process! Let us know if we can help – we’d be honored to be a part of your day.


Happy Planning!


L❤ve,  Lindsay J.