We L-O-V-E a fabulous engagement session with fun written all over it. Beth + Mike’s engagement photography session by Christina Lilly Photography is amongst those that we look at and hope that all of our brides and grooms-to-be have a similar experience.

Having an engagement photo shoot is a huge trend in the wedding industry, and something we don’t see disappearing anytime in the near or far future. It’s a time for couples to engage (no pun intended) with their photographer, get comfortable in front of the camera (because you WILL have thousands of photographs taken of you on your big day), and to see a similar output for what you will see from your wedding day.  Please let’s also not forget these photos also double as great presents, made into photo books for your wedding guests to sign, and great to have on display on your big day.

Engagement sessions typically last 1 – 2 hours with your photographer and we HIGHLY recommend doing them either 1) in a place that means something to you as a couple and 2) anywhere not in front of a backdrop at a photography studio. Get outside and let your personalities out to play!

Straight from their mouths to your ears, below we have provided top advice from some of our photography pros, as well as past brides and grooms, on how to take great engagement photos and how to have an equally great time taking them.

  • Forget about the photographer and be yourselves! Pretend that they’re not there, and “just enjoy yourselves. Be yourselves as you normally would be when you’re with each other but today you’re EXTRA whatever it is that you normally are.”
  • “Don’t worry about anyone else, just focus on each other” and let the photographer take care of the rest.
  • “Let things unfold” in front of the camera. Whether you’re getting silly, getting hungry, or having a great laugh, keep at it and let what you’re doing unfold naturally.

Advice from our Brides & Grooms:

  • Choose a photographer that “floors” you. When you choose a photographer that you trust, you will be much more comfortable in front of someone else’s lens!
  • Come into your engagement photo shoot with “ideas of photos you want” but also “just relax, have fun and be spontaneous.” You should have a discussion with your photographer beforehand so everyone is on the same page. With this information, your photographer will also be able to brainstorm great ideas as well!
  • “Pick a place or activity that you both love or means something to you…” It will help you “relive those memories” and will show through in your photographs.
  • Go with the flow! “Not only did we take photos on a swelteringly hot day… our shoot was interrupted by a crazy rainstorm. We had to find shelter for 20 minutes… it just made it more fun, I mean, what are you gonna do? In the end, these photos are us…!”

So whether you are a comedic couple, foodies, book worms, outdoorsy, etc. embrace who you are and have fun with it!