Photo: Christina Lilly Photography

Whenever we begin working with a couple, we always ask them what they have in mind for their wedding. We generally receive answers along the lines of beautiful decor, having a great time, a fantastic menu, or surprises throughout the night to continually wow and excite the guests. It’s a common misconception for a bride and groom to think they absolutely need a design theme to have a pulled together, cohesive look for their wedding. And this, is what starts to weigh on their shoulders as they try to force a ‘theme’ that may not be right for them…

Good news is… you don’t need a theme to design your wedding! Yes, you heard us right! Although it’s wonderful if a theme fits who you are as a couple, they are mainly just used to provide focus… and focus can be provided in many different ways.

Think about a color or color combination that you just love. Do you like modern and clean lines or lush floral décor and soft textures? What about the feeling you want to evoke throughout the entire event? When we use the word ‘theme’ to design an event, we are really looking to find visual cues to uncover what design & style makes sense for you. From there, it’s about the personalization of all the pretty little details – large and small – to help the event speak to who you are.

For instance, you like: vacationing and skiing in Colorado, being outdoors and love sitting by a fire.To us, this means: you are adventurous, would like to have natural elements infused into your décor, and want to make sure the atmosphere feels warm, inviting and fun and on the less formal side.

See? Not so hard! Now, just let the details fall into place from there.


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